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Meet Emmet

We have always seen the magic and known our Emmet is special.

When Emmet was six years old we noticed he didn’t seem to meet physical milestones; things like hopping on one leg without losing his balance was a challenge. After a series of blood tests and specialist appointments, doctors confirmed the worst possible news and diagnosed Emmet with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

What does this mean for Emmet?

The outlook is very poor. Emmets inability to produce dystrophin (a critical muscle cell protein) means his muscles are rapidly deteriorating and one day Emmett will lose strength right throughout his body.

Around the age of 12, Emmet will need a wheelchair full time and will struggle to do many daily tasks on his own. The average life expectancy is 18 years old, although we are forever hopeful modern medicine will give us more precious time.

We are a typical, active Kiwi family of four; Dad (Sandy), Mum (Penni) and Marshall, who share a love for the outdoors. Emmet especially loves the beach and it is our aim to make the most of things while he is able.

What is Duchenne?

Duchenne muscular dystropy is a rapidly progressive, muscle-wasting disease that occurs primarily in boys. It is caused by a mutation in a gene which encodes the muscle protein, dystrophin. Most boys who have it do not survive beyond their mid-twenties, and those that do will be using a wheelchair by age 12 and experience social isolation. The simplest of tasks become difficult, and in the later stages, heart and breathing muscles begin to fail.

Duchenne’s Impact on the Body


Dystrophin Abnormalities

Learning Difficulties

Cognitive Difficulties


Weakens Diaphragm

Requires Ventilator

Leads to Pneumonia


Decreased Heart Function


Leads to Heart Failure


Loss of Muscle Mass





Brittle and Weak Bones

Source: CureDuchenne™

We are hoping to raise


to help Emmet’s family take him on a holiday of a lifetime to America

Any extra donations will go towards other children in New Zealand with Duchenne

Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand

Thank you for your support.

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Louise & Owen Tunnicliffe and Family

This is such a great idea, we have given a little towards this and shared on facebook. Lets hope before long you are off to America.

Keith and Susan Goddard

Our best wishes and kindest thoughts to Emmet. Hope the funds pour in for you.

Bridgit, Andrew, Urban and Quinn

Much love to you all - we hope to help get u there xx

Bryan Schaare

Emmet is my nephew so I am more than happy to chip in what I can.

Complete Combustion

Happy to help!